YYF Avant Garde shape...

So a few months ago the YYF Avant Garde came out. Ever since then, other companies have been “biting” off the shape IMO such as the Chico Recurve or the Qi Xia Metal “Yo Ke”. I kinda have a problem with that for some reason.

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mr. bist did it first with the stradivari.

and he had prototypes back in 2010. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150208972060265&set=a.10150208971410265.427777.280008905264&type=3&theater

Also there’s been controversy over the auldey L4/avant garde. I still don’t know what’s true and what’s just rumors. Some people say yyf stole the shape of the l4 to make the avant garde (similar to how they stole the shape of the muffin top for the replay), I’ve also heard the owner of auldey gave yyf the rights to sell a certain amount under the name avant garde, and other things like that.

The canvas also came out around the same time, and it features a similar undercut.

Even if yyf did do it first, it’s only natural that competitors would try their own hand at it. not just to have their own product in that market, but also to see how the shape works. It’s like when a new car comes out. Every other manufacturer will make a similar design.

First yo-yo with that undercut was the Henry’s Lizard, a plastic low-end model released in 2000 or so.

First metal yo-yo with that undercut was a mod by Shinobu from 2002ish.

Nothing new with that undercut, the only thing that’s new is a lot of people trying to take credit for it or claim that someone ripped it off from someone else.

The design is old…the arguments are new. :wink:



it’s Steve Brown!!

The overall design of the Avant Garde was taken from the Takuto L4. Read this for more clarification on the issue http://www.singaporeyoing.com/2011/11/yyf-avant-gardetakuto-l4.html