YYF 401k espionage $35 shipped!!!!!

Posted these for sale for a few months back and sold the peak already. Went to go bump my post on the other site and realized that the shop/forum doesn’t exist anymore. wow. Times have changed.

So… I have the bear vs. ayya and the yyf esipionage up for grabs. I have sold over 25 yos on other sites but new to this site. Always had positive feedback. Just don’t yo as much any more and looking to sell these. $5 U.S. shipping. Message me with any questions. Thanks.

bear vs. ayya: mint, no marks and comes with box. Asking $65 sold

yyf: 401k espionage: no box, great condition, a few pin size knicks in the black matte finish. super smooth. Asking $50

BVM sold

super smooth espionage still up for grabs. Make me an offer if you want. Thanks.

espionage still for sale. found some of the white and red accessories. now only asking $40 shipped!!!

$35 shipped for espionage

sold. Thanks