Yukki Slack, And Whut help

Well for yukki slack when i go to do the first revolution it always twists up, and its not string tenison. For And Whut after i do the pop and land in trapeze and his bro with the twist at the bottom and try to land it the string it always screws up. HELP

Yuuki Slack - sounds like you just need to be smoother and not quite so fast with the swinging (or many faster, not really sure).

And Whut? - do you mean the part right after the first triangle? Maybe the last pop where the string moves around the yoyo (the And Whut? pop)? What is happening on that part is that you’re popping the yoyo up, quickly maneuvering(sp) the string between you and the yoyo, over the yoyo, around the back side of the yoyo, then landing the yoyo back on that same string. It ends up doing the same thing as landing on that string from the back (between you and the string).