YoYoSkills.com Presents - Walls Come Down ft. Gentry Stein

(Chris Allen) #1

So Gentry and I talk once in a while and a few months ago he was been saying how much he wants to expand his style.    I told him that when he was ready, we would shoot a video.
Below is the result.

YoYo Used - Purple Super-G
Filmed on three HD cameras with different lens setups.


Gentry WILL when worlds next year he deservess it. The tricks he can perform are pure gold. I watched him perform live at worlds this year and it was amazing.


That is amazing!


That was well worth watching!


Eh, it was good but I just wish that there wasn’t so much panning and editing thrown around there. I just want to watch some awesome yoyoing, not feel like my head is spinning is all.