yoyos on yahoo

(DOGS) #1

We’re getting more and more mainstream. At least they mentioned some modern yoyos and tricks. They could have chosen a better representative “modern yoyo” than a Speed Beetle, though.

(Kyle V.) #2

Wow, that is really cool. It’s so crazy to see things like Ladder Escape or a double Suicide being discussed by nonthrowers. Yahoo really did their research for this one. Thanks for sharing, dude.


I saw that too!


That’s cool, I hope someone saw it and is trying yoyoing now.


Thought it was a good story. Kind of short, but at least it was reserched ok… tim


I wouldn’t really say double suicide or latter escape are the hardest, but I’m surprised the writer actually did their research. Good article :slight_smile:


That’s pretty cool! 8)