Yoyos for sale, Great prices

I’m only accepting Paypal, only shipping to the U.S., and no trades please.

I’ll ship all the yoyos with their original packaging. All yoyos ship FREE!

ONEDROP DANG, blue, only thrown a few times, no marks or dings, perfect condition. $85.00 OBO

ONEDROP BURNSIDE, black, no marks or dings, perfect condition, has a kk bearing. $75.00 OBO

YOYOFACTORY 2.0, blue/green acid wash, has a couple of tile marks, still plays good. $50.00 OBO

YOYOMAMMA BLITZFIRE, half blue half red, some tile marks, still plays good, has a 10 ball kk bearing. $20.00 OBO

YOYOFACTORY NORTHSTAR, green, no marks, very good codition, has a center track bearing. $20.00 OBO

YOYOFACTORY POPSTAR, looks red but it’s pink, some dings, still plays good. $15.00 OBO

YOYOJAM PINNACLE, white with mirror caps, no marks, very good condition. (responsive) $10.00 OBO

YOYOFACTORY STARBRITE, neon orange, no marks, very good condition. $10.00 OBO

pm me if you want to offer.

Thanks for looking :wink:

Bump, northstar gone