Yoyos for Sale - CLYW, YoYo Factory

Hey there -

Looking to part with my:

CLYW BvM1 Wolverine: http://imgur.com/a/WNl7X
Mint, bought used in 2010, rarely thrown, no original box/art/cloth
$125 + Shipping

CLYW Canvas Ninja Hudles: http://imgur.com/a/NAgEc
Mint, bought original in 2011 direct from CLYW (have receipt), rarely thrown (more of a show piece), no original box/art/cloth
$150 + Shipping

YYF Genesis 2011: http://imgur.com/a/pfiHG
Mint, bought from Yoyonation back in 2011 (have receipt), rarely thrown, no original box
$80 + Shipping

I’m flexible on how we do the payment, be it PayPal or eTransfer, or whatever other options there are.
I will ship internationally (I’m in Ontario, Canada) but will have to add the shipping cost to the total.
I can certainly take more pictures upon request - please don’t be shy to have a conversation with me

Bump - all 3 still available!

Bump - The BvM has been sold. Other 2 are still available and looking for a new home! ;D