I competed in the very first flowrider(man made sheet wave) in canada! I was crowned second in canada (2nd for all you # <B) I won a flowboard as a prize. you may not see it, but yes, I was yoyoing on it.



haha, that was so cool. what yoyo was that?

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hahaha, that was great. To bad you couldn’t do a few loops though, eh.


I just got a cheap pro-yo, (duncan wooden axle)

I was going to loop, and then stand at the back of the board and walk the dog to the end of the board,but I only had like 15 secs left on my run in the comp. so I aborted! lol


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so, do you like do tricks on that thing. I’d like to see your whole run actually.


ok, I will post a whole video of my run when I get home :o


cool where in canada are you from that looks like a lot of fun


kelowna BC. first flowrider in canada

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I yoyoed on a snowboard before, but this is WAY cooler!! I want to see your whole run too.

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