Yoyofficer Musket Promo - Ondřej Horák | František Bína

(Bína) #1

New promo video for Yoyofficer Musket from Ondra and me. Hope you will like it.

For shooting we went to gorgeous garden’s of Wallenstein Palace, 400 years old complex of buildings in heart of Prague, nowadays residence of Czech Senate.


Man, bada$$ just like the lava video! I had to watch it like 5 times in a row cuz it was so good! And like I said before Bína, sick skills! Keep the vids coming!


That ending trick was so sweeet!


Woah that was awesome mostly because I could sit through the whole entire video without being bored. For me that says something because I can never sit through most Yoyo videos.


Wow, guys! Thank you for all that possitive feedback!