Yoyofactory yoyos


Can anyone recommend a good 65 dollar Yoyofactory yoyo like the yuuksta of the g funk


It’s all preference. Unfortunately, that’s all I can say now, but someone better will probably help you out.

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You just said two…


the boss is EPIC


I think you just answered your own question.


I dont know about anyone else, but I thought the Yuuksta was pretty unstable. It had an awkward shape for the size. It seemed kind of “meh”.

For 65 I can easily give the most common recommendation and say Northstar/protostar/starlight/dv888. I havent played a G-funk all that much, but from what I have gotten for playing it was that it was a solid yoyo for the price.


If you’re willing to try other companies other than yoyofactory, I’ve heard some good reviews on the OneDrop Cafe Racer, and it’s $60.00.


If we’re bringing other brands into the mix, the C3YoYoDesign’s Di Base is less than the Cafe Racer and I like it more than the Cafe Racer. I’m not saying the Cafe Racer is bad, just if expresing my preferences, I choose the Di Base over the Cafe Racer.

The Halo is pretty sweet too. But it’s feels to me like there’s more center-weight. The Delrin does feel nice.

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Most yoyofactory yoyos around that range are all nice. The decision is now based on what you like. Do you prefer undersized or oversized yoyos, for a start?