YoYoFactory MARCO & Shutter Wide Angle new colors! 8/1 @ 10AM EDT!

Releasing Thursday Morning @ 10AM EDT.


That fade WA is one of the best looking yoyos I’ve ever seen


Yeah, it is a nice combination of colors.

I’m still bewildered by the lack of an all-aqua WA Shutter, particularly given that aqua is Gentry’s favorite yoyo color (for competition, at least) and is the one color most identified with him.

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I want one so much but I can’t justify buying it right now :frowning:

I’d rather get a Gulch with that money as Shutters will always be available but smaller companies you never know if or when they’ll do more runs. And I can’t buy both without feeling bad about spending more yo-yo money. The Breeze, Bliss, Statement and Vayder alone are a lot, and that’s not all I’ve bought in the last couple months.

Shutter WA or Sync :face_with_monocle:

Killer Photos!


Yeah, teal to orange fade is a VERY good fade. One of the best, and also uncommon. So that was an excellent choice, “bimetal styling” issues aside :wink:


With polished rims? Because there is already an all aqua WA on YYE

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I wish more companies would do the bimetal styling. It’s a great way to add more flair to solid colors and much less gaudy than most splashes/acid washes.

Yeah, I meant the polished rim version.

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im not a big fan of the Marco but I love those oil slick rims

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Shameless plug. Thought I would post this here to make it a little more visible. I’m willing to trade my Statement for one of the Orange/Aqua fade WAs.