YoYoFactory Extravaganza!!!

Selling them as cheap as I can. Feel free to low-ball me.
I will ship everything the day of or next day of purchase!
No trades!

I’ll answer any questions, send you pictures, and work as fast as I can for you!
Send me a text message at (505)-603-6082

Shipping included for these:
Axis Pulsefire- 65
Ex Machina- 60
Expedition - 55
3 B grade Nine Dragons-30 each 80 for all of them!
Zeekio Anarchist w/box- 50
Add $3 shipping for these, one item will be free with a purchase higher than 100!:

WYYC yoyo-10
Carbon fiber rubicks cube- 10
Kendama- 5

I’m thinking of Pulsefire, Mach, and a Nine Dragons. Also, what condition are they?

I just sent you a PM!

I can do $115 for the pulsefire and ex-machina. Ill throw the nine dragons free.