YoYoFactory California?


Has anyone thrown one of these? Is it worth searching for? And how much does it usually go for?


Do you know what year you are looking for.


any model. I just wanted to know if its worth it and how much it is. i don’t even know how many models there are


There are two different models. I have the 2010 version. There was an earlier version I think it was just called the California not a year or anything. I love my 2010 California. It is my baby. It was my first metal throw. (It’s the purple one in my profile pic.)It is awesome. It isn’t the best for grinds but it’s really smooth and just a little vibe. (That’s how I prefer it.) It’s really thin but still a fairly nice-sized gap.


How much was it? And did it come with hubstacks? I saw it on Google images and YoYoWiki with stacks, but yours doesn’t have them.


It was $65 I think. I got it here at yoyoexpert but that was over a year ago and no it did not have hubstacks. That’s the original that has hubstacks. The 2010 version doesn’t have them.


Yeah, the original Cali was stacked and originally retailed for $115. To be honest I’m not even sure why they named the 2010 Cali after the original because they’re like nothing alike. The original was full sized and somewhat heavy at 56mm, 68g, whereas the 2010 one is midsized and midweight at 53mm and 65g. The profiles look nothing alike either, so don’t be fooled by the name – you’re looking at two completely different throws. As for whether it’s worth it, it’s tough to say because you really don’t hear much talk about them. If I had to recommend between the two different models I’d say go for the original for sure. Post up a LF thread in the bst and see if you can get a good deal on it. Never hurts to try.