If you have any yoyo GIF files you’ve made or just found on the internet, post them here.

I’ll go first:



(DOGS) #2

Here ya go, right off the grill.




Show those cups who is boss, Jacob!

(DOGS) #6

I should actually consider making some better ones at some point. This is a good thread.


spin top!!!


Err… What’s a GIF?

(DOGS) #9


(Owen) #10

In before the Jensen .gif



Can’t forget about this gem. LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

(P.S. - I will be doing some filming at the yo-yo BBQ this weekend, and repeating tricks will be my focus. Hopefully I will be able to create a couple of GIFs out of the footage.)


I had one with a yo-yoing darth vader but lost in the cyberworld :-/


I actually made a bunch of them, a lot of bangers and a lot of repeaters. Tons of slo mo stuff.

I was going to make a tumblr or whatever those image blogs are… and post a bunch… and post them as I made them… but never got around to it

Here’s one I already happened to upload… I made from one of Phark’s repeaters…


those cups have obviously been held in captivity and domesticated for some time…that many cups in an organized stack like that, in the wild. No says I!



Bumping this thread to share a new version of the original GIF I posted, this time from a much better angle. 8)


That is so smooth. I like it. :wink:

Now on the subjects of GIFs from me, I have none so…


I made it, just FYI 8)

I made a lot yoyo GIFs, most are really, really heavy so i will post 2 right now and will update later. Wait a bit until it can load at full speed.



Totally ninja style