yoyo expert trading cards show them

My camera broke butt heres who I have André Boulay Hiroyuki Suzuki Sebastian Brock Miguel correa Kahil Evans (2)

I’ll just tell cause I don’t feel like putting up pics.

André Boulay, Jensen Kimmitt, Sebastian Brock (3), Paul Han, and Jonathan Robinson

2 khali evans and a yukki
EDIT: A JD another jukki, a hiroyuki a joseph harris and some hspin dude

3 andre’s 1 eric koloski 2 bryan figueroa 1 magl33to

Most of them


Too lazy to upload a picture right now…

1 Andre, 1 Eric Koloski, 4 Bryan Figueroa, 1 Joseph Harris, 2 Paul Han, 1 Patrick Mitchell, 2 Yuuki Spencer, 1 Kentaro Kimura, 1 Jesen Kimmitt, 1 Sebastian Brock, 1 Alex Berenguel, 1 Jonathan Robinson, 1 Guy Wright, 1 Gabaerus, 1 Kahli Evans, and 3 Andrew Bergen.

Really looking for a Miguel Correa and I hear Tyler Severance is going to be put on a card soon. I have so many because I’ve been spending a little much and, there was a error with an order so he sent me a a few extra one time.

2-Andre 2-Eric 1-John 1-Ed 1-Alex 1-Andrew 2-Grezesiek “Gaberus” Piwowarek
1-Grant 2-Kentaro 1-Guy 2-Kahli 1-Jan “shpek” Novotny
1-JD 2-Patrick 1-Martin “Csiszi” Csiszar

lol i now realize how much i have :smiley:

I have like 25. To lazy to look. :stuck_out_tongue: I will type them down later.

Lol I only have 2, Jan Novotný and Kahli Evans. Guessing by the number of cards all of your collections most huge.

ima post a pic tonite i have 2 sets of the complete cards and like half a set so lke 2 and a half set of all cards. ;D

i have a joseph harris ed haponik and jonathan robinson.

are all those from the magnum? :wink:

Hopefully pics. will be posted later. But for now:


Zach Gormley (1)
Sebastian Brock(1)
Jensen Kimmitt(1)
Alex Berenguel(1)


Eric Koloski(1)
Joseph Harris(2)
Hiroyuki Suzuki (the first one signed, came with my PHENOM t-shirt)


Paul Han(1)


Ed Haponik(1)