YoYo Broadcast! SCALES LIVE streaming tonight at 8:30EST!


Here is the link to where we will be streaming. The way we operate is that we take submissions for videos/tricks for us to react to/critique on our stream - you can send in tricks to scalescollective@gmail.com. It’s always a good time for us and the audience… if you can, I recommend that you try and check it out and come talk with us!

(Chase Baxter) #2

Awesome, hoping to join in!

(patrick canny) #3

Come check out ROUND 2 tonight, where we’ll be going through USN, AP, and 44clash 2011 freestyles!!

We’ll also be giving away a Cadence :smile:

Same place, same time!!! See you there!!!


ill be thurrrrrr :call_me_hand:

(Josh) #5

I’ll be there! I missed the one last night, but I’m ready and waiting for this one!