Yoyo axle won't unscrew

Is it possible for a DM axle to be glued in? I used a drill, and put it on counterclockwise (It comes out counterclockwise right?) and I turned it on, and the drill failed. :o :o :o HELP?

I’m not sure what YYJ does to put their axles in, but they are usually very tight.

This is a pretty good topic that should help.

EDIT: Mainly, the drill won’t grip tight enough and you’ll need to tighten two nuts against each other and use both of them together to get the axle out.

Or use a hex key if the correct end of the axle is sticking out. The reason YYJ’s are like that is because they use a tapered thread to make an adjustable gap possible. Not totally sure on the tapered thread but it sounds good so…

Erm… I meant the drill stalled. And I didn’t dare twist harder. Which way do you turn???

You’ll want it twisting counterclockwise, but most likely you won’t get the drill to grip tight enough.

If the drill has an older key’d chuck then you can get it to get tight enough. If it has a keyless chuck then it might be harder but not impossible. I’ve done it.

Okay, it gripped it. What I mean is that I turned on the drill, and everything just shuddered. Nothing happened, the drill stopped spinning. And I was afraid I’d break it… so I thought I was twisting in the wrong direction. But you’re sure it’s counterclockwise right?

Yeah. Make sure it’s on a low setting if you have it. This will mean more torque. And once again, yes it’s counterclockwise. “Lefty loosy righty tighty”

Erm… torque??? Explanation please??? The lower the more torque? So I set it at… 1?

If there’s a thing towards the front of the drill that turns and has numbers like 1-20 or something similar to that, that’s the clutch (Not the right name but w/e) and it keeps you from overtightening things. You’ll want that somewhere in the middle. Then on the top of the drill might (and I mean might) be a thing that says High and Low. Make sure it’s on the low side.

Torque is basically what makes stuff turn (such as in engines). Big engines, such as those in semi trucks, have lots and lots of torque so that they can move those big things. In this case, the gearing is set up so that you have a lot of torque on the “low” setting.

Get a hex key to remove the axle…

Torque is the amount of force to move an object, for example, engines or socket wrenches

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