Yomega Crossfire


It looks pretty decent to me. Is it yomega’s take in the Yoyojam classic?. Something cheap but when upgraded awesome. Sounds interesting.


I don’t think it’s “Yomega’s take on the Classic.” To me, it just looks like a well designed plastic yoyo.

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I like the look. It looks nothing like the Classic. Is it CBC pad compatible?


I’ve played it and enjoyed it. ;D


I believe so.

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How would you be able to tell?


Because it has 19mm response…?

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^ Is that the answer to my question or another question? Your punctuation confused me.


I personally love a siliconed ooch yo, never tried the crossfire though


that was the answer


Eh… I am not bothering with Yomega anymore. Too many disappointments.


That’s your own choice, but the Glide is seriously good

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I second this. Tried a glide and really liked it.