Yo-Yo X Cereal X Stay Vocal (Video!)

Hello all!
There’s some exciting stuff going on for me. I recently made this video inspired by the ReUse Cereal t-shirt I got from Stay Vocal:


Today I found out that I was featured on the Stay Vocal blog!

And then, later today, I got this message from founder Alex Eaves:
“Hey Jeff, as a thanks for the amazing video you made for STAY VOCAL, you and all of your friends and family can get 25% off any order in the STAY VOCAL online store. Just enter the discount code “thankyou” when checking out. It goes through tomorrow at midnight. Thanks again for the awesome video!”

Here’s the link to the store:

As a reminder, the discount applies now (3/3) through tomorrow (3/4) at midnight. Get your own ReUse Cereal t-shirt and support a good cause! There’s a free prize in every box!

Jeff Coons

dang. Hes good with that spoon :smiley:

ik your yoyo is by duncan but which one??
Great video by the way

ahahaha, thats funny! i didn’t even notice for a while then i was like DANG! hahaha

Holy Spoon you’re good.