Yo-Yo Tester

Hello all i was wondering if there is a way i could become a yoyo tester? if so pm me,please. ;D

Not generally. Keep your eyes peeled for new releases though, sometimes if you email the companies directly, they offer testers.

Wait for the prototype Manticore’s (Hint hint).

With any job that everybody wants, it works the other way. No company is going to pm you about being a tester since all they have to do is hint that they’re going to need testers and they’ll get 100 responses in 10 seconds.

If you’re really interested your best shot is being proactive. Contact the companies, tell them you like X or Y throw they make, and that you’d like to help out. It would probably also help if over some period of time you amassed a selection of well constructed reviews…even better if those reviews become somewhat popular on Youtube or wherever. This is not necessary, but you can bet Sniffy or the High Speed Yoyo guys get their fair share of testing opportunities because they’ve proven their opinions are valuable.


make a blog and ask the companies if they want to send you yoyos for reviews

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Learn to write a quality yoyo review. A review has to cover every angle of a yoyo.