Yo-yo - it barely made the list


Classic Retro toys:


Hey, at least it made the list, albeit as an after-thought.

Imagine if the author looked at modern yoyos!


Modern yoyos wouldn’t be retro…


I saw some guys looking for a yoyo for their 8-year-old today while at Sport Chalet. I just happened to check out just to see what they had besides Duncan and saw them eyeballing a Velocity. They told me that their kid had a crummy one they can do sleeper on. They were lucky to run into someone who knows about yoyos. They asked which was better: GM or Velocity. I explained the whole binding thing and the adjustable response. Lastly I just had to pull out the popster and do a couple tricks. In the end, I think there’s going to be some very happy kids this Xmas, maybe 1 frustrated as they picked up the GM to compare.