Yo-Yo Experiments Episode 2 - Pre-Washed

Doctor Popular is an insanely inspirational guy. His trick style “Washing Machine” is one of my favorites. In my Idea Notebook is a note I scrawled at 3am about two month ago that says “Pre-Washed String” sitting on a page all by itself.

I kept the page empty because when I woke up, I had no idea what it meant.  About three weeks ago I was drinking some Diet Dr. Pepper and playing Dig-Dug on my stand up arcade and suddenly the meaning of “Pre-Washed String” rushed back to me.  About six or seven attempts at making the string, and a few days of practice, and the Pre-Washed idea came to fruition.

I took a spool of pre-twisted cotton/poly blend, tied a three inch loop in the end, and then twisted it like you would a regular yo-yo string.

Here is the result.

That is crazy it’s like 1a and 4a combined. U rock dr.yo. First one to comment!!!

That’s awesome. I bet that last shot took a few tries?

2.5A? 4+1, /2=2.5?
Just a thought.

haha, just a few. I think I got it on my third (after hitting myself in the head on my second)

I don’t expect it to be an actual play style, it is just Proof of Concept


Looks to me like 4a reverse mobious. No wait, that gave me an idea. What if you did mobious knot placemant on your other fingure. Then you have two loops! Heck, you could do 4a with a counter weight! 4.5a. Or looping with a counter weight. Or… ok i’ll stop…