(Yin) #1

401KSD= $60

G5+= $60

NM4= $40

Milk 2nd Run= $55

Red Worlds K-Os= $30

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:


(Ryan) #2

the g5 looks nice how is it???

(Mike) #3

Can I buy the Mighty muggs starwars pack please?

Nah joking xD, Pretty cool set of yoyos, never seen yin’s before


how much you want for k-os

(Jei Cheetah) #5

Prices below pic.

He posted that he wants 30 bucks for it.


(Frank W.) #6

The G5+ is already spoken for. ;D

(Elzandnoo) #7

would you like to trade something for a milk like an envy 64???


How much for the g5+???

(system) #9