Yay!...A Randy Jansen Video!

Had the pleasure of getting to film Randy this weekend when he came to our club meet here in Nashville.


Smooth like butta… Could he be my new favorite? I think so!


Nice Stuff! He has some major skill!

Wow, that means a lot from Andre Boulay-- One of the most awesomest yoyoers ever born!!

Awsome! I love this video.
Randy is good too.

His styles amazing. I think thats the kind mine is gonna develop into.


I love the color of your string! It makes the tricks come out very visible and very clear. Could you tell me what kind is it, the color, and were you got it. Awesome video by the way your amazing!

I honestly have no idea, it’s either green/yellow highlights or duncan green poly. I probably bummed it off someone :-X

Edit: rewatching, it looks pretty yellowish, so I’ll go with the yellow highlights.

Seems like i’ve commented to many times on this video…but I love it…