y factor bearing seat

My y-factors bearing seat is incredibly loose, I mean super loose. I can pull it off easily with my fingers. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, except for the fact that the bearing sometimes loosens when the yoyo is spinning and forces me to open it back up and re-fit the bearing. Why is this happening?

Try to tighten your yoyo all the way. And if you do tighten it all the way, then do you mean there’s still a gap between the yoyo wall and the bearing? Cuz that would be bad, and it would be a flaw by 1drop.

Try to change the bearing. That happend to my genesis once. I change the bearing and it’s like very tight now (between the bearing and the bearing post).
but that rarely make the yoyo unscrew itself.
try to tightn both half as tight as possible. Bearing post on mw L3 is also loose, but it never unscrew itself.