XxKingdomxX23 + Marmot = Acting like Jensen lol


Hope u guys enjoy lol ;D ;D ;D
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Nice tricks! I think anybody + a Marmot calls for some Jensen Kimmitt playing!

lol yeah!

When I play my Marmot, I try to act like anyone except Jensen. Preferably, I play like myself.

Sweet tricks. I like the abundance of slack.

Haha thanks guys

Was I any Jensen like at all? LOL

There is a huge difference between doing someones tricks and playing like them…

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a very informative comment, Thank You.
I think that you are VERY smooth in your execution of those tricks. you did take the last couple of tricks from Jensen but the first tricks did appear to be original to me. the one thing I would say is you are faster than Jensen and dont quite have his style, but I also wouldnt say you stole his tricks as you obviosly didnt credit yourself with making it up. All in all, a very good job.

Lilly Lilly Good, Good Job Josie Goodie Good Good :wink:

Thanks =D =D