Hello, I have some yoyos only for sale :

:slight_smile: Do not hesitate to make proposals ! :slight_smile:

  • ILYY Mary 2009 Red 2 littles marks ( see picture ) no package 38$
  • HSPIN Beysik mod. sili good condition. No package. 1 ding “flat” and one scratch 10$
  • 3YO3 Volume black and white like new no box bearing C 38$
  • Cruciale Delrin Cream all Black like new with package no vibe 28$
  • Auldey Firefox red good condition no dings no box 15$
  • Auldey L3 like new no box no hubs 15$
  • Auldey Luminous with Hubs like new no box 18$
  • Aoda Sunshine new version ( new hub design ) one ding ano safe 8$
  • CLYW Bear VS Men red Splash gold 1 little ding with package 65$
  • Werrd Beef like new with hub with package 30$
  • Werrd Rhinoplasty like new with package 40$
  • Auldey/Hicoo Virus like new no box 30$
  • HSPIN Icon like new no package 30$
  • Hany 2 like new ano flaws with original package 25$
  • YYF Primo like new no box 40$
  • X3 Steamroller préprod no box 40$
    - OD 54 splash no box side effects spike 45$
  • OD Y Factor gunmetal/grey like new no box 40$
  • X3 Stampede Azal mod III with package 70$
  • YOMEGA Metallic Missile like new no package 10$
  • Recrev I Dharma Edition Gunmetal like new + package 35$

Shipping from France to European Union with tracking number for 2 yoyos max: 19$
Shipping from France to worldwide with tracking number and proof of mailling (no insurance) for 2-3 yoyos max: 30$

Photo available here. If you have any questions please do not hesitate.

Thank you.

lower prices :smiley:

You still got the crucial?

Got hat clyw ?

i dont see any pics? help?