WTTF: Splash GM2, DNA, GM2 FT/FS: Mint Ogo BvsM $95

Got this and i like my bully and gm2 better so its up for trade, its mint and comes with the box.



Id sell for $95 shipped (usa and canada paypal only) but would rather trade

Splash GM2’s

also these are all for sale but if youve got a mint recessed fhz i may trade for it.
-any installation codes i do not have can be found by simply searching for it on google, i know it works because i did it-

all 3 for $35 shipped

Call of Duty 2- all discs and installation code $18 shipped

Rome Total War & Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion- all discs for both games, only have the code for rome total war. $13 shipped

Star Wars Empire at War & Star Wars Empire at War- Forces of Corruption- all discs for both games, only have the code for Star Wars Empire at War $16 shipped

PM me if interested


i do like rome total war

price drop bump

bump, buy all 3 for $35 shipped

bump i need these gone

bump again

ANY combination of this crap?

Heres info on everything. LINK TO PICS AT BOTTOM!

Speeder is sky blue, has just a few scuffs. Im not fond of Speeders, thats the only reason i dont want it.
Plays great, its a little noisy, thats all.

SpeedMaker, The only reason i dont want this is because I have two yellow SpeedMakers that are satined. So i dont need two lol. The response is hybrid. The o ring spot is filled with some weird material. Waxy sorta. Either way, plays great. No caps.

Dyed Journey, has just a LITTLE reshaping. Plays awesome. Half Siliconed, Half O Ring. Mint

Speed Dial. Its siliconed. No dials. But plays awesome. I hate to see it go. But i really want those new YYJ’s. You can see the silicone job in the pics. Pretty much mint. Not much damage AT ALL. maybe like 2 tiny nicks.

Beat to hell DM. Cracked hubs, but covered with gorilla glue to stop the cracking. This is mostly a deal sweetner.

MFHZ. First run, but is one of the good ones out of the first run. Half purple half pink. Its got some nicks scratches and scuffs but plays fine.

Schmoove O Ring and Siliconed Hyper FreeHand2. Comes with a duncan dice. Its purple. Its got like 2 scratches thats all. I like this but like i said above, i want thsoe new YYJs

Beat Sky blue kickside. Its beat to HEck. But plays fine. Noisy. Thats all.

A mint Yellow Projam. WWith caps and everything.

Oh and a set of Synergy caps that i dont want. Mint. They fit DM’s. Whatever size that is. I think 3.

PICS: http://img269.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=78225314.jpg


Yeah, I want it.

But I don’t have the money or your wants.

No need to bump on the same day.

please calm down with the bumps