[WTS] OD Kuntosh 5KQV, FD Rooster, MCMO and more!

Hey Folks! It’s been a while since I’ve been on the forum but I’ve just started grad school and am pretty strapped for cash, so I’m offloading almost my whole collection. I’ll be selling my three most valuable throws individually and the rest will be available for a steal as a bundle. Additionally, I’d part with everything here for $260 shipped as full lot. All are NMTBS unless stated otherwise and shipping is included in the prices.

One Drop Kuntosh 5KQV - SOLD - Really hurts to part with my favorite throw of all time but I hope someone else will be able to get as much enjoyment out of it as I have
Freshly Dirty Rooster - $100 - A great throw, so unique and so fun
Markmont Classic Magnum Opus - $90 - You all know what you’re getting here, a complete classic that lives up to the hype

OD Rebirth
OD Sugar Glider
Thesis DaCapo
Shuriken Happo (B Grade)


that serenade looks a lot like a da capo

To not confuse anyone the sugar glider is on rebirth box and vise versa


haha thanks! I’ve been out of the game for a bit

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Pmd for Kuntosh

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I’ll take the 5k if it’s available

Anyone get the kuntosh ?

Didn’t know trade was an option i reached out on this like 5 hrs ago lol

Oh shoot my bad disregard my last comment I got confused and thought h had messaged me about my kuntosh. Lol

Kuntosh sold, the rest is still available!