Wts:crucial milk,Hspin,yyf habogen,dna,yyj

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H spin pyro snow-140$
Crucial milk-90$
Yyf habogen-130$ mint
Yyf Genesis-100$Mint
Yyf dna-120$Mint
Yyf supernova splash(blue and pink)-sold
Yyf catalyst-65$Green(Sold)
Yyf super g-75$Mint
Yyf dogma USA made-65$Mint
Yyf Genesis splash -115$Mint
Yyj new breed-60$Mint
Yyj trinity -70$mint
Yyj meteor-70$mint
Yyj sfx-40$Mint



Have you sold your yoyojam? If you still have it, I want to buy it