WTB: YYF Skyline, old YYF, and Anti-YO / BVM, Crucial OG Milk


Hi Everyone!

It’s been many years since I have been on any forums but I used to be very active on yoyonation.

I am looking to buy any and ALL YoyoFactory Skyline yoyo’s I would prefer mint but I am open to any condition.

I am also interested in any other hubstacked YoyoFactory yoyos such as GM2, Genesis, 888’s, and G5+ to name a few. If you have anything else from the Project Red Alert era please contact me.

The final thing I am looking for are Anti-Yo YoYo’s I am looking for anything: Bapezilla, Bapezilla 2, YWET, DRI-YWET, SLCK-YWET, Viszilla, The busine$$, eetsit, Fluchs, Gouda, BSP

Like I said previously I am open to all conditions. I am paypal ready.

Thank you!


I am looking for an original Milk as well as a Bear Vs Man.
Let me know what you guys have!


BVM or BVM2?

(system) #13