WTB Swamp monster, batsquatch, pariah

Heyooooo, I’ve got too many throws that I’m not using enough so here we are. Trades that I’m interested in are as follows -

A-RT stuff other than grail/life/69/dk
G2 Stuff
2sick Grandmaster and other 2sick stuff
All bowls other than mini bowl
Draupnir or other YYR stuff

Ok heres the stuff

Ti Peak #74 - Mint condition - Not entirely sure I want to get rid of it but would trade it for a Tundra or possibly a straight cash offer equal to what I paid which was 315$

CLYW - Igloo - 90$ - Mint I think, has some pretty minor vibe

CLYW Big Dipper 25$ - Been played quite a bit

Good life Gulch - pending - Mint

Good life Liberty - 40$ - Mint

Exotic Throws Salamander - 45$ - Mint - I’ll throw in the Metal Arrow seen below as well

Metal arrow - free with purchase of Salamander lol

Wainbow statement - pending - mint

UNPRLD - Abduction - 35$ - Mint, seriously under rated throw

Turning Point St. Elmo - 45$ - Mint and smooooth

Inferno yoyos Twilight Phantom - 80$ - mint

ArchE Neophobia? - pending - Mint - I was told this was a neophobia but now that I’m looking at pics on the website I’m just not sure lol. Regardless its a very solid throw

Phew that was a lot of work.


Oh man. Some cool stuff in here. I wish I wasn’t waiting on some upcoming releases.



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@Evertonian pm sent

Pmd you

@FourCorner here’s a Ti Peak!




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added a couple new things

PM sent.

Up we go