WTB: CoD MW3 for PS3- looking to pay about $20

Hey, i want MW3 for PS3 only. I got 20 bucks. message me if you wanna make a deal. I could add something real small if you need me to though.


Wednesday bump

Would u b interested in OD Dang Alien Autopsy mint?

no thanks, and please keep all offers to Personal Message only :slight_smile:

thursday bump

Bump Totally revised!

Early moring thursday bump.

Vsnewtons arent gonna take a hit their price is gonna go through the roof, they arent made any more meaning they are going to be super rare

Thanks for the free bump- still don’t want them


bump, only one left. Would probably trade this for a mint capless and something small.

i really need to bump this more often

Every time I see this a click on it. But mine is FG. GRRRRRRR…

bump, totally revised