WTB: Chief, Sasquatch [I'm trying to give you my money! D:] WTS/T Campfire

I’m looking for a CLYW Chief or a Sasquatch, depending on the price, a little beat is ok but gotta be a completely smooth minty mint throw.


LIKED Chief Colorways
METEORITE (god yes please)
Pekka Banana Board (Splash Red on Silver <3)
Caribou Street
Blue w/Orange Speckle
Alec Campbell
Happy Halloween Palli Puffin
Etc. Just ask.

DISLIKED Chief Colorways
Solid color
Anything with pink or purple. Don’t even bother offering.

Preferred Sasquatch Colorways:
Team Edition/Dino Egg
Smokey Lake
28 Stories
Green with Red/Brown speckle (engraved)

Do NOT Like:
Hulk Smash
Abominable Snowman
Anything with purple in it, really.
Solid Red
Dad’s Pants

If you don’t see your colorway, ask. I prefer engraved. Hopefully you can see a bit of a pattern there with the color schemes.


To bring down the price, I’m trading (+cash) or straight out selling my Campfire!

CLYW Campfire, mint-green and double engraved, well beaten around the rims (lovingly well played, I say :D) but smooth. Haven’t put any new damage on it since the day I got it!

friendly reminder - pls. get those pics up as soon as possible.




I removed the WTS in the title, now they are just mentioned as being up for trade towards a Chief. Is that acceptable?