I was just wondering if anybody else wears silicone wristbands every day for fun? I have a few routine ones, my favorite being the feelmyballs.org, granted a little funny but serious because it is from the testicular cancer awareness program, I also have a few advertising ones of a dj thats a friend and a sandy hook bracelet on the way.

I’m afraid to go to that website.

I use to wear my YOUNGLIFE one everyday but unfortunately it broke. I know studio42 has silicone wristbands advertising himself and I am also looking at getting an Owl City one.

Do you get them on amazon?

which ones? I got the YOUNGLIFE one from my local YOUNGLIFE office. studio just posted some pics of his on his Facebook and I will probably get the Owl City one from Hot Topic.

I wear a “Live second” bracelet.

Sorry for my dirty mind but that sounds like an adult website

It actually is a public service type site,

Yeah I used to. I loved (and still do) the look of them, but they made my wrists uncomfortably hot in the summer so I took them off and haven’t put 'em back on…

Yeah, it supports testicular cancer with a bracelet saying feel my balls. Its similar to the I heart boobies bracelets, supporting breast cancer.

I once wore a live strong bracelet for about two years, but it eventually got in the way of YOYOING.

i was wondering what the I heart boobies bracelets were all about…


That’s a rather quaint response to something concerning a couple of very serious issues. :o

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