WOW! This story is crazy and, yet, awesome at the same time!

Check it!

That was like something they should feature on criminal minds!

I have a history **** on right now.

My mother did some research by herself to see where my family came from. Apparently we have a very similar coat of arms and last name of the rich old women in “Pride and Prejudice”.

That was one of the most interesting things I’ve read in a long time. Really crazy…

That is a cool story actually. i already knew this one but sadly most of my family on my dads side leads back to nazism in ww2. On my moms side her dad was the only one of his family of five to come to America at age 19 from Ireland.

I’ve been wanting to join to trace back my roots but just can’t spend the cash right now. I used the free trial and read some interesting things like names in old, old phone books and whatnot. Interesting stuff.

i could be wrong but you could check out
I’m pretty sure it’s similar plus it’s free

That was a very cool story.