Worlds 2010 Trailer

Trailer for my full length video coming soon. Right now I have 4 hours of footage, and I have to somehow compile that into a 20 minute video.
Let me know what you think!


Awesome, It really makes me want to go to worlds now, maybe when I’m older, oh well good job!

That’s one of the best contest videos I’ve ever seen. Really good job. I hope you make another video soon! :wink: :smiley: ;D

Any chance of a youtube video. (Can’t get vimeo.)

at the 3:07 mark the kid in the protostar t shirt is me!!!

ya know you could just give us the 4 hours of footage…

looks really good cant wait :slight_smile:

Great Video One of the best contest videos yet >:D

Hahahaha Do me a favor and DON’T use Clubbed To Death in the actual video, it’s pretty overused.

This teaser has me teased, I want more!