Wooly Markmont Unboxing Video

hello everybody.
my wooly markmont arrived today and I put a little unboxing vid at http://www.Sniffy-Yo.blogspot.com

Great video, could you maybe make your videos louder in your next videos? I have trouble hearing them just a bit. But if not, I still like your videos! :wink:

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hey thanks.
I think I need a better camera for sound. it’s great for recording music being sound seems to be baffled by the metal body, but for voice not so much.

weird box moving at 1:59 lol good unboxing vid

OH MY nunchuckING GOD! ITS POSSED! Return it if i were you :stuck_out_tongue:

ha. I hadn’t noticed that.
I hit the table and one leg wlobbled
that’s right, it wlobbled

and wlobbled and wlobbled and…

Next time you do an unboxing, throw the yoyo before you unscrew it, to see if it shipped factory smooth. By unscrewing it and then rescrewing it and then throwing it, if there is vibe you won’t know in if it can be smooth. I threw my wooly markmont and it was smooth, but then I unscrewed it and then there was vibe. I knew something had to be wrong, so after searching the forums I found that I just needed to make sure that it was screwed in all the way. After that no vibe.