Will be back with an updated For Sale soon.


Will be back with an updated For Sale soon.


Total bumpness.



Some sold, some new ones added.


bump with price drops.


Wait I’m new here is there a Yelets for sale here?


Nope, just kendamas. take a look at the first post. The replies show what use to be for sale, that’s probably what you are seeing.


You’ve got mail.


Hey I have a perfect condition grey manatee I got in a trade with box I’m wanting to trade for something CLYW


Thanks, I just prefer trading within the states. Have had issues trading overseas, unless you’re in the states right now?


So u still have the avalanche


Yes I do. I keep everything up-to-date :slight_smile:




Hi I have a mint manatee grey in box I’ll trade for your Avalanche


Thanks for the offer, but I’ll pass on that.


Can send you a pic if you wish




Do you still have the fools gold scout?


I have a salmon fade manatee I’ll trade for that scout


How much for that manatee

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