Why no Award Ceremony Videos?

Why is it that despite all the coverage that modern yoyo contests get, we never get to see video of the award ceremonies? It must be fantastic seeing these people finding out they’ve won and receiving their awards, but we never get to see it… It’s a shame…

Maybe because award ceremonies are pretty boring even when you’re at the venue.
It’s much more convenient and it saves more time to just have someone tweet the results. No fluff, no BS, just straight information that can be read for 5 seconds or less.
Not everyone has time to sit down for 10 minutes for an award ceremony anyway.

By then, nearly all the video cameras have been put away. I swear, once the last 1A performance was done, all the video cameras I was aware of appeared to vanish.

Sometimes if the contest is streamed online, you can find a recording of the stream afterward that includes the awards. Here’s the 2011 Worlds final day awards presentation: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16483633

The main events there are freehand and 1A. The 1A results start at around the 31 minute mark and are pretty cool to see, especially when they announce the champion.

That was awesome, cheers man! :smiley:

I film a lot of contests personally and I prefer to shoot photos of presentations.