Why does nobody have a Duncan momentum? It looks like such a fun and cool yoyo!!




Sounds about right. I’m a nobody.

Why do I have it? Part of payment for CalStates 2012.

I do have a name, you know.


Aww come on. Your not a nobody! You know what I meant!!! It’s just not a popular yoyo. It seems like EVERYONE has had or has some kind of dark magic u know. I’m not saying it should be that popular but besides u I don’t know anyone who has one!


Well, it was just released and there wasn’t much hype behind it, so it makes sense not many would have one.

EDIT: Sorry, I was thinking of the Magnetude when I typed this.


No. I think it’s been out for over a year.


Pads and a size D bearing just doesn’t make it for a popular yoyo these days, it always has to be about large bearings :stuck_out_tongue:



This nobody has had a MoMentuM for a few years now. Honestly I’ve been a bit underwhelmed with it’s play. For the price tag consideration of a different throw might be my choice if I had it to do over again.


There’s a lot better playing D-bearing yoyos, which include some H-Spin and the not yet released SquareWheels Rex, which used a pad response, not a silicone sticker response. I think most people just don’t get smaller bearing, I myself being one of them. But it’s nice to have the option. As far as a small bearing/silicone sticker response, this is probably one of the better ones out there. The gimmick is the stacks. It’s an older-shaped yoyo. The play is decent at best. It’s more of an over-priced casual yoyo in my opinion. Fun? Yes. Cool? Debatable. Amazing? Not in my opinion.

I will say that “large bearings are where it’s at” these days. What’s nice is that some players are pushing the D-bearing.



I love the d bearing and wish it was used more (d bearing skywalker is awesome) I just HATE yoyos with pads. There just a pain to me and I dont like the binds. The shape of that looks pretty comfy and the stacks would be fin but I wish Duncan would just start using deeper recessed response areas.


Yeah, that was a slip up. I was thinking of the Magnetude, which looks very similar to the Momentum