Why do people love Single A?

Haha, I just wondered, Though. :smiley:

Well, Here it goes…

Another China Yo-yo/Blazing teens Yo-yo. (They are so many Blazing teens here in the Philippines, And I have the “Brains” to mod them to a New and a great player Yo-yo.)

The Spacer Isn’t from raiders (Haha, I can’t afford them, That’s why I only mod Yo-yo’s) It’s just from also a China Yo-yo! ;D, They are Plastic Spacers that fits YYJ size bearings.

So… (I think I’m working for an hour or two?)

Sanding them down so that the spacer will fit in the hole using sandpaper, screwdriver, cutter and so many more! :slight_smile:

Sanded Holes & Not sanded yet. (The spacer is Sanded ;))

Side/Horizontal Angle.

I only copy the Idea in the “Raider Modding” :smiley:

I don’t get it, do you want us to answer the title question or comment on the post?

i think comment.

it’s a question about why do we like 1a, but it’s in the modification section, with pictures of a mod.

it’s weird, but a good job.


I just title like so, But I really mean that I only notice that people not so interested in Double A, You can answer the Thread title. Why not? :smiley:

It’s just a title. So?

The Title of the thread should relate to the Content of the thread.

lol, it instantly reminded me of this:

Thou shalt not comment on how people wanna post. If there’s something wrong, you can report it, and Andre and dryoyo will do what they think is appropriate.

But I do agree with Evan, Thou shalt post with titles that are related to content.

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There we go. All cleared up now. Until somebody else makes a mean or stupid comment.

But really, he just meant to show off a mod. I’m guessing… sanded starburst?

Asking why we like 1a is like asking you why you like tartar sause?!? It dosn’t make much cents because we all like different things. :wink:

The starbust was sanded Accidentally because I make the hole wider so that the spacer will fit, using sandpaper, screwdriver etc. :smiley: