Whoa:Tyler Rose BLC FS

This IS one of the best freestyles I have seen in recent memory. Boost that preformance score and I’m seeing a National Title contender right here. Such an awesome style and fast tricks that flow together well. Dude if he would have hit that final bind on the first try he woulda had the win.

absolutley right im glad to have met him hes a really kwl guy

*cool. Yeah, really awesome performance their from Tyler Rose. :wink:

i say kwl like that dont correct me i know how to spell i just dont like spelling cool kwl is faster

Tyler Rose is crazy good. Love his style.

I find it funny how you thought he was unintelligent, so you had to correct him. Though it’s kind of ironic… since you’re actually the less intelligent one in the situation.

Tyler is a cool guy. He somehow knew my name. I was like, whaaat? How does someone that good know who I am? I bet he asked someone right before he came up to me, lol.

Tyler Rose KILLED it.

yes matt we all know he killed that fly that was buzzing around everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think one bind would’ve changed the score to make him win.
Correct me if I’m wrong

ya, you’re probly right.

that is true
tyler rose was down by 6 points from david

Are You sure? Check The contest report here http://www.yoyofactory.com/news/index.php
I belive he was only down 2 points

sorry 6 was just on the tip of my mind
even so if he had gotten that bind he would probably be about half a point from first

By one letter. :stuck_out_tongue: