who is the best yoyoer in the world and how could i get his autograph?

There is no best.
The yoyoing community has different styles, its almost like preference. Some people like some players better than others and some people don’t. For example; I like Andre Boulay better than Johnny DelValle (sp?) but a lot of people like johnny DelValle better than Andre, it kinda works like that.

Like gm user said, there is no best. Everybody has a different style, some people do slow, flowing stuff that is smooth as anything. Augie Flash is an example of somebody who yo-yos FAST! The “best” 1a yo-yoer in the world right now according to the 2008 World Yo-yo Contest Judges is John Ando. But you really have to watch a lot and know your preference. As for an autograph, I don’t know, go to yoyoclubs if you have any near you. I go to a yoyoclub that Tyler Severance, Jonathan Robinson (JonRob), and A.J. Kirk go to.

Wow, I facepalmed when I read this.

Normally, one gets an autograph by tracking down the individual in question, pestering them for several moments until they finally concede and sign a baseball/forehead/overdue library book.

That would then involve you going to the Czech Republic and locating a fellow named Vashek Kroutil.

My Uncle Mike is the best yoyoer in the world. He spent so much time throwing he doesnt know how to read or write, so no autograph…sorry.


yeah i kinda see what you mean about no best
definately not me im terrible
i cant do any tricks except all the ones on yye

Yeah, cause you’re SO terrible :stuck_out_tongue:

Woo. I can do a green triangle. Do you want my autograph?


me too, i love autographs