who likes sushi?

i love sushi i eat it like every day. :o who here is addicted to sushi?

Addicted, no, but it’s probably my favourite type of food when it’s done right.

I just hate that when it’s done poorly, it’s just awful. Take hamburgers and pizza… even when they’re done less than perfectly they’re still more or less edible and even enjoyable. But sushi… there’s a scale. It doesn’t need to be “world class” all the time, but it needs to be at a pretty good level to be enjoyable, otherwise you regret even ordering it.

I LOVE sushi. It’s just so darn expensive though. I can understand why, but I would have it more often if it weren’t.

The only uncooked seafood I like is oysters…

I like sushi I eat it sometime for lunch!

Wal-Mart has some good sushi…

I like giant eagles better they make it fresh

So does Wal-Mart. They have chefs to make it in some places. Has anyone had Wal-Mart’s sushi?

No at the Walmart near our we don’t have a chef cooking there.

Walmart California roles isn’t REAL sushi silly …

never buy walmart sushi it made me go to the ER because of their sushi

Well your username clearly shows you’re the sushi expert haha

lol sushi expert hahahahah

I love sushi.It’s just so unique.

It’s nice to have once in a while, but beware of the mercury content in raw seafood.

I don’t thinks it’s just raw seafood. Cooking doesn’t have much effect on it.

Yeah, I don’t eat much seafood because of this.

Oh well where I live we can get blue crab in our sushi, Mmmmm tasty!

I like my sushi well done and my steak rare. After all I’m not a sea lion. :smiley: