Who knows me on YYN (Sunny)?

Yeah, if you know me, can you please vouch for me over here? I’ve been a little lazy keeping track of my feedbacks, and pretty much left YYE out of the equation. If somebody wants to PM me on YYN for verification that it is actually me, please do. I’m in the middle of a trade right now and we’ve gotten to a fork in the road regarding feedback.

Don’t hesitate to trade or buy from Sunny. Great communication all the way through the deal. Yoyo condition described is very accurate. Ships everything carefully and quickly. Awesome!

bet your a great guy and all, but wrong section :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a correct section

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is he buying/trading/selling something here? no. he should have my a link to it somewhere in his b/s/t thread if he wanted to, a link to this thread in another section, if he wanted to state something about a deal of his, also can be posted in his original trade thread.

I think his 53 positive feedback speaks for itself. :wink:

Well, there are some stubborn people who refuse to make YYN accounts :-\