White Lite

yoyo + UV light = niceness

Very entertaining. However your belt was distracting at times.

Yeh, i did not actually put that much hard work into this. It wasn’t even intentional to make a vid out of my footage. I just wanted to see how it looked like, u know. and then a couple days later I was a little bored and I bashed this together in about 15 - 30 min.

  • So, no time for worrying about my belt :stuck_out_tongue:
    , oh btw I’m glad u like it :slight_smile:

very cool effect :smiley:

Thaanks dude :))

awesome vid. awesome song too.

I liked it! It was hard to see sometimes but over all cool effect. Only beef with the video is the box or what ever was getting in the way on the left side of the screen.