Which way?

Okay when you throw a trapeze and you bind from it the yoyo comes back like upside down so you can’t throw another one again. Is that supposed to happen? Like do I just throw it no matter which way the yoyo is?

I think i get what your saying. Are you catching it like you would when you throw it straight down? If not try catching it with your palm facing up. When you throw sideways the yoyo is spinning a different direction (counterclockwise or clockwise not sure which) but that makes it so that it comes up “upside down”. Also if anyone knows more about this please expand and correct me if i have no idea what i’m talking about. But hope this helps!

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Adjust your catch/throw hand position.

I don’t like to bind from a trapeze. I flip it and then bind/return. I get less knots for now.

I posted a website on the other thread you have on this subject that should help. Also if you check out the promotional video for the yyf dv888 and watch the binds Ann is doing in the first part of the video that can help too. The bind in question is a braintwisterish move that works great for breakaway based tricks.

You can access that video from this site as well. Go to shop, then yoyofactory then dv888 and the video is there.

Don’t try that bind from a sleeper though. You will have the same issues that you are having with trapeze cause the yoyo is spinning the opposite direction.

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