Which 1A Yo-yo would you recomend me?

Price Range: 0-120
Size: N/A
Color: Anyone
Response system: Silicone.
Shape: Doesn’t matter to me

[shadow=red,left]If you need more of my preferences, just post them right down =D[/shadow]

I love my yuuksta and recommend it for 1a.
undersized, stable, quick, smooth, nice colors, comfortable H shape, little to no vibe.
I never use my siliconed lyn fury anymore, because it can’t compare.

phenomizm or a revolution with them shipped with thin bearing and a unresponsive KK bearing they are good for begg. to pros :smiley:

I would recommend the genesis or severe 2010 both are really good yoyos and silicone can easily put in either of them

There is no need for all the annoying marquees and shadows.

Peak. Get one second hand.

Yoyofactory Protostar.
Or even a One Drop Y-Factor.

Get either a good metal (like the ones I mentioned before) or a legacy and protostar and lyn fury

OH MY GOSH… I just got the new skyline and i personally think it is better that all my other yoyos ( my yoyo collection is in my favorite yoyo box to the left

Im not sure how good you are but I would suggest any CLYW.