where to get a yoyo blasted


i don’t know where to get my yoyo blasted it can be any kind (sodablast,beadblast etc etc)

???do you know the best person???



Except, they use C4 a lot and if you don’t mind getting what’s left of your yoyo returned in small fragements, you’re good to go.

Oh, I’m not helping? Sorry about that. I tend to do a lot of thinking outside the box.

I think c3buddha does angeldusting, but I’ve heard conflicting reports about his status.


He’s no longer blasting.

A shame because I loved the Angeldusted feel.


you guys may not trust him…(not sure why) his dad has a bead blaster and he has done a few throws for me and did a great job…he wouldnt charge much…I know him personally…


What I meant by conflicting regarding conflicts regarding his status, I hear yes and no.

I was going to send some stuff to him, but then changed my mind. I was gonna have him strip a BVM and a gnarwal and then angeldust them, but i decided I liked how the BVM(shark vs. shark) looked, and chose to just leave the gnarwal as-is.